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Don't Prune Oaks Between February and June

By Ricky T. | January 31, 2016

Welcome to our new specialty tree service.

Put your trust in our new, specialized tree service in Leander TX. Our Austin trimming service is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and specialized care for your trees. Specifically, our Leander arborist focuses on oak care.

You Can Trust Our Team with Your Oak Wilt Matters.

Oak wilt is a growing problem in many areas of Austin, Texas and we can help you. We recommend not trimming oaks between the months of February and June. By avoiding this now, you can prevent oak wilt from occurring in the first place. Sap beetles start to feed during this time. They move from one oak to another tree. This allows oak wilt to travel from an infected tree to another. Healthy, pruned trees are most at risk and the infection tends to happen right at the cut if it is not properly done an sealed.

If you need to prune an oak tree during these times, it's essential that the right professionals are called in to do the work for you. Specifically, it is important to use only a sterilized saw to cut on oak trees. It is also important that the new cuts are sealed properly to avoid any type of complication and transfer of the disease from one tree to the next.

If you need tree trimming in Leander, or you need help for dealing with existing oak wilt in Leander, our arborist can help you. Call our team today to discuss the specific problem you are facing. Or, allow our professionals to help you to avoid the risk of having oak wilt develop on your trees. It does not take long to get an estimate and our Austin, Texas arborist is ready to offer you the steps and treatment your trees need to grow and develop healthy.

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